November 2, 2008 was just the beginning of what we have today.

​We started at Lake Berryessa, added Camanche Lake, New Melonie, Eagle Lake, Stampede, Donner Lake and just keep going. We hunt turkeys, wild boar, deer, elk, duck, goose and pheasant. We have added three fishing "Trips of a Lifetime". Ketchikan Alaska, Maui Hawaii and our International event is at the World Class Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica.


our history

Randy Houston

Carpenter (retired)

Age 69

Married 50 years to Deborah Houston

Started fishing at the age of 5 and hunting at the age of 9.

​Children, son Ryan and daughter Rachel. Six Grandchildren and one Great Granddaughter.

Youngest brother of Sgt. Jerry E. Houston (deceased)

Founded PHA November 2009

​President PHA

Deborah Houston​

Founder and Secretary PHA

Chuck “ Gunny” Pikula
US Marine Corps ( retired )
1981 – 2002
National University ( BA ) Business Admin

Dept of Defense ( MA ) Management
     He started Military career in the infantry with anti-terrorism, 3rd Battalion 4th Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC.  Deployed to Honduras for special operations in 1983.  Deployed to Beirut for operations in 1986.   Transferred to Camp Pendleton, CA in 1986 with combat support detachment.  Deployed to Southeast Asia, Mt Fuji Japan, and Singapore for combat support.   Deployed to Operation Desert Storm in 1991 for duty in Kuwait.   He was transferred to Marine Combat Air Squadron in 1992. 
After retirement,  he started an HVAC company in Central California.   Sold company in 2010.   Started new company as independent special inspector/auditor for California Dept. of Energy.   Sold company in 2017.  
Joined PHA in 2015 as Vice President in support of Disabled Veterans outdoor adventures.
He retired to Kansas in 2018 where he lives with his wife Dana of 25 years.  Has 2-sons and 2-granddaughters.  Spends his retirement taking care of his horses, supporting Disabled Veterans, and irritating his wife as much as possible.  

Dianne Friday

Alaska Airline (retired)

​Board Member PHA

Nisha Chaudry

​Treasure PHA